How to configure PAM authentication in Squid

Sometimes you may want to classify web traffic per user, not IP-based classification, in Squid. Squid supports this mechanism via external authentication plugin. The most common one is NCSA authentication but a flexible one is PAM since it is possible to use LDAP backend as well as unsecured passwd and shadow.

The future of BTQueue 0.1.4

For all fans of text-based BitTorrent client like BTQueue, I am still working on it everyday. As of now, its core engine has been changed to offer more features and the latest core is BitTorrent 5.0.8. Anyway, I can't release this new one because of some big problem regarding weird memory usage. By the way, it is usable for use but not for long run.

How to filter HTTP traffic using SquidGuard in Ubuntu

Most offices have internet access especially for managers and employees to read and compose e-mails with customers. Anyway, everything has their bad side so most employees will try to access other things consuming more traffics, e.g., music videos, video streaming, songs and many more. As a result, e-mail applications may slow down. Since most of them will also have proxy to save valuable bandwidth and a popular one is Squid, [SquidGuard][] is able to help controlling internet usage for unimportant purposes.

How to calculate equation with summation in Python

Most modern mathematics might have summation in some parts of equation. Implementing this kind of equations in Python is very easy and straightforward. Python already provides built-in functions to help us, e.g., sum() and map().

How to play RMVB using Mplayer

Even though Mplayer is able to play RMVB by binary codec, sometimes it may not work as expect due to something weird as follow.

mplayer: symbol lookup error: /share/apps/codecs/ undefined symbol: pthread_mutexattr_init

Fortunately, it has a workaround for this issue.

How to install Subversion on CentOS 4.5

I was assigned to find out how to install Subversion on CentOS. It is a good version control system right now, especially for development teams in any enterprises. Installing Subversion on CentOS is quite easy as follows.