Grid Computing

Parallel Approach for Bandwidth Minimization Problem

According to my previous post about Bandwidth Minimization Problem and Windows Supercomputing Contest 2006 at Kasetsart University, the committees has already received all codes including the one I mentioned early. Okay, let me express how it looks like. Firstly, I tested them all on 8-processor node, dual core, dual processor, and Hyper-Threading, one by one with 8-node graph. As a result, the codes could be classified into 4 classes.

Book: Grid Computing for Developers

Vladimir Silva, a former IBM software engineer, releases a book named "Grid Computing for Developers". He wrote this book to help technical guys understand grid computing faster than looking information around the net.

This book might be worth for enterprises that want to explore how grid look like in action. Anyway, it is not suitable for manager to learn himself. If you are managers, buy it, give it to the most excellent technician, wait for a few days, and then let him give a short introduction. Good luck!

Access Grid Toolkit 3.0 beta 1

The Access Grid Team at Argonne National Laboratory/University of Chicago has just announced the next step of Access Grid on January 28, 2006. In other word, Access Grid Toolkit 3.0 beta 1 is available for testing now.

Grid related press release on 2006-01-31

Today seems to be a big day for grid technology. There are 3 official announcement related to grid technology; one in academic and later two in industrial sector.

PEC gears up for a giant leap - The Punjab Engineering College (PEC) is all set to log on to the ambitious national Grid Computing System of the Centre for Development of Advanced Computing (C-DAC).

Sun shines with grid-based workstations - Sun Microsystems has announced a new family of Ultra workstations - the Ultra 20, Ultra 40 and Ultra 45 - two of which come bundled with the company"s grid software.

Grid adoption around the world for 2006-01-29

Google Alerts is very useful to me for keeping me up-to-date of grid related news around the world as soon as Google know, I know. As of today, I am interesting the growth of early grid adoption in enterprise market.

  1. EMC Grids for Grid Computing - EMC is going to offer a virtual data center solution.
  2. Corporate India accelerates adoption of grid technology: research - Indian organizations are moving faster towards embracing more flexible and scalable information systems based on Grid Computing in and earnest bid to support and manage their speedy, but unpredictable growth.

Introduction to Enterprise Grid

Anand Parthasarathy wrote Get set for the enterprise grid and gave an overview of five generations of distributed computing as follows.