Pythonic Issue Tracker

Are you a Pythonian? Well, no matter what you are, you might be looking for a good issue tracker. It is one of the must-have component for community development. Now I have 2 solutions in my mind.

  1. Trac
  2. Roundup

Trac is very attractive and complete; however, it might be too much with wiki if you already have one. Roundup is another one I found yesterday. Guido recommended to use Roundup someday, sooner or later. So, Roundup is very interesting by now.

BTQueue 0.1.0 424

Wow! BTQueue 0.1.0 seems to be the most stable version since the 0.0.1 announced. Anyway, there are still lots of bugs waiting for reporting and resolving. Today I would like to announce the official release of BTQueue 0.1.0 424. Below are change log.

  • fixed incorrect error message
  • added escape/unescape in xmlrpc
  • handled error on startup
  • added clear command to clear screen
  • added auto dht

BTQueue 0.1.0 418

To all command-line fanclub, I am very proud to announce the latest release of BTQueue 0.1.0 418. I recommend all you to upgrade as soon as possible to take all advantage of this bug fix version. Below is the list of fixed bugs.

  1. Allow to force start a session with "resume" command
  2. Handle failure gracefully
  3. Support private tracker with malform announce url without failure

As always, all files are available at

BTQueue 0.1.0 408

Build 406 seems to be okay for general usage. Anyway, I got some bug reports last night. One of the bug is unacceptable so I have to release build 408 today. I recommend all you to upgrade as soon as possible to prevent malfunction.

Download the BTQueue 0.1.0 408 here.

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btq 0.1.0 406

I’m so sorry for the broken package again. Here is the BTQueue 0.1.0 406. Hopefully this is a perfect one. In addition, you can also specify version of BitComet to fake by using bc0059, bc0061, or bc0062.

Don’t forget to report problems at

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BTQueue 0.1.0 404

Due to my mistake and lots of bug in BTQueue 0.1.0 390, I hope to fix all problems such as hash checking and WinXP, by this version. Below is list of improvement.

  • Checking hash will be done one by one
  • Fast resume is enabled by default
  • Recognize uTorrent client ID
  • Handle error better
  • Added checking hash activity message

I have tested this version on Ubuntu 5.10 Breezy without problem. It works nearly perfect. However, it is too fast!