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Portable 2.01 has released Portable 2.01 -- the complete office suite you can run from a USB drive for complete access to both your files and your office apps -- anywhere you go. More than just a neat idea, some say it"s a perfect example of "the kind of innovation developers can make when they don"t have to worry about selling as many licenses of their work as possible." I don"t imagine we"ll see a portable Microsoft Office suite any time soon.
Slashdot | Portable 2.01 Released

Related Contents Block for Drupal

Usually, a Drupal site will come with Navigation block. However, it is not enough for complex categories just like this site. So, I modified book-like navigation block to show only related contents.

Drupal: AdSense Module - Getting access denied instead of page not found

If you noticed something weird at, 404 file not found was missing. Instead, it was replaced by 403 access denied. The cause of this problem is exactly adsense.module. Let me show you something.

function adsense_menu($may_cache) { 
$items = array();

if ($may_cache) {
$items[] = array(
’path’ => ’’,
’callback’ => ’’,
’title’ => ’’,
’access’ => user_access(’hide adsense’),
’type’ => MENU_CALLBACK,
’weight’ => 0);
return $items;

This menu hooking is totally incorrect. The empty path makes all page not found errors replaced by access denied errors. To fix this problem, I simply commented this function out. The patch is as below and also submitted at

Google PC is coming!!!

According to many news, e.g., Bangkok Post and InformationWeek, it seems Google is going to announce the release of Google PC within this week on Friday. This is a kind of big news for the world since even newspaper in Thailand classified it as a breaking news. So I wrote blogs at The Experience, Search Engine, and even here about this.

Google PC

The speculation centers on sources who say that Google is in negotiations with Wal-Mart and other retailers to sell a Google PC that will run a Google operating system and be cheap, maybe as low as $200. That’s what sparked the buzz and piqued my interest. A retail relationship could mean something is not far off. Of course, the article is labeled with the big prediction caveat, so "not far off" could also mean never.

But that’s just the latest in a few months of speculation from somewhat legitimate sources on Google hardware. Last month, Bear Stearns analysts predicted "Google Cubes" that would network music and video between PC and TV. And a few little noticed reports last month toted a possible release of a $200 Google-branded thin client based on partnerships with Wyse Technologies. There’s been even further talk about a Google network box if you go a bit farther back. And let me add to the fire by wondering aloud if the operating system is the first concrete connection with the Sun partnership.

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