pyjamas: GWT clone in Python

Since GWT has been released for a week, Google was released its new version yesterday. GWT is now so popular. Anyway, I don’t like to program in Java. Now, there is a serious effort to reverse engineer GWT to make a clone in Python for Python fans like me. In beginning, it named as py-gwt but now it has been changed to pyjamas and it’s alive. Let’s see how it looks like at the real code in subversion repository.

In Python:

from ui import Button, RootPanel

class Hello:
    def onModuleLoad(self):
        b = Button("Click me")

In JavaScript:

function Hello() {
Hello.prototype.onModuleLoad = function() {
    var b = new ui_Button("Click me");
    new ui_RootPanel().add(b);

function run() {
    h = new Hello();

function pygwtOnLoad(onLoadError, name) {
    if (onLoadError)
        try {
        } catch (exception) {
    else {


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