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How to compile PHP for Plesk

I would like to enable mbstring and/or iconv in PHP running on Plesk. This is a painful process. I have to compile and install lots of packages. The most important thing is the configure. Note that this host is FreeBSD.

How to force fsck in Ubuntu

Most of you may try to let servers run as long as possible to maximize availability in term of uptime. That is good. However, there is at least a side-effect originated by the nature of file system where as it is necessary to clean up something important. For example, ext2/ext3 should be checked for every 30 mounted or 180 days. It is fine to reboot a server once a year as long as the file system is not read/write too often, especially when there is very low free space. That's why you should force to run fsck sometimes.

How to redirect url permanently in Apache

One day you may want to rename your domain name to a new one due to inappropriate use of the old domain. However, the old domain is still valid and still valuable for search engines. It is possible to redirect all existing urls to the new domain gracefully. For example, to Whenever one tries to access, webbrowser will be automatically redirected to This behavior also applies to search engines.

The trick is to use mod_rewrite in Apache HTTP Server

How to convert video to high quality AVI by FFmpeg

Sometimes, Mencoder is too complicated for such a simple task due to its flexible options. FFmpeg is much more simpler and straightforward for that task. For example, you have a music video in MPEG but it seems too big. However, you don't want to drop audio quality too much.

How to display image field inline in Drupal

Drupal is one of the greatest CMS right now. It is possible to build a site in minutes and a few days for customization without changing single line of existing codes. That means upgrading is painless. CCK is very powerful for customizing existing content types such as blog to have inline image per node using image field. However, default behavior is to display the image separately. It is not nice so I have to customize myself.

How to make menu by pure CSS

I was asked to find a solution for making a horizontal dropdown menu in HTML. I don't know how to do it but I'm sure it is possible especially in Firefox. After searching in Google, I found a good tutorial.