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How to drop all tables in MySQL

I would like to drop all tables in a database of MySQL but I don't want to drop the database itself. The reason are that the created tables seemed to be incorrect and I would like to recreate or import it again. However, I am so lazy to create the database and grant the user/pass again. Fortunately, I found a workaround trick.

How to reset mysql root password in RedHat

My friend posted about reseting mysql root password long time ago. It still works but you have to know how to change root password properly. Since I have to do it by myself, I will explain more detail in this post.

How to create and verify lmPassword or ntPassword hash using PHP

Sometimes authenticating password against LDAP in PHP can't rely on userPassword attribute because they might use only lmPassword or ntPassword. It is not quite easy but not too hard as long as we have LDAP Account Manager.

How to add quote to string delimited by comma in PHP

Sometimes we will have a list of string delimited by comma, e.g., a,b,c,d, and we would like to add quote or single quote around each element, e.g., 'a','b','c','d'. It is possible to do so in a line.

How to create and verify SSHA hash using PHP

There are so many hash. SHA1 is one of them which is widely used in recent years even though it is not safe to use right now. By the way, it is still the default hash function for storing password in LDAP especially OpenLDAP. In order to develop a website with LDAP authentication manually against POSIX account, SSHA hash function or SHA1 is the easiest solution.

Where to get LDAP Explorer

Working with LDAP is not as easy as I expect. I do need to have a good frontend to handle LDIF. There are several LDAP GUI Applications available in public domain but the easiest one should be web-based software solution. One main reason is to run it on localhost without graphical interface like X server and so on. The most popular one I know is called LDAP Explorer which is available for so long and it is a kind of old project. Right now, it is not easy to find and download this software because the main web site ( has been downed for a while. Anyway, I have found a valid one eventually.