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How to prevent Jet Lag

I had just went to Nevada last week. Nevada is very far, far away from Bangkok where I live for the whole life. This trip is the most longest one since I born. Actually, traveling from Bangkok to U.S. is a travel through time. I had to cross the international date line. Most people will get a sort of "Jet Lag". Honestly, I don't know what it is, even now. This trip took me about 30 hours from Bangkok to Reno and another 30 hours to go back. Anyway, I always feel like a fresh.

Patched for Ubuntu 7.10 Gutsy Gibbon amd64

Two weeks ago I published (1, 2) the patched version of to fix freezing problem on Ubuntu Gutsy. Anyway, it is only just for i386 architecture since I have only i386 and someone said no problem on amd64. I have just received 2 confirmations about this problem on amd64 so I tried to recompile it again on amd64 architecture.

How to setup fglrx 8.42.3 and compiz for Ubuntu Gutsy

After long waiting, fglrx 8.42.3 with AIGLX is here (Phoronix, Blognone). And now my laptop is Ubuntu Gutsy so my old instruction is obsoleted already. I note what I have done here in this post for further references.

Patching and compiling on Ubuntu Gutsy

If you noticed, I seems to disappear for 2 weeks because of freezing bug in I spent 2 weeks for only one task; compiling on Ubuntu Gutsy. I'm not familiar with development environment used at Sun and in OpenOffice project. There are so many technical terms to learn. By the way, I finally add a patch from #81519 to 1ubuntu5 which my request #140878 is not responded yet. So it's time to share what I have done in this 2 weeks.

How to install MailScanner on Ubuntu Dapper

I would like to have MailScanner on a Ubuntu Dapper server for internal server. There are many receipts including a good one at wiki. Anyway, I add a few modification to make it more easier to debug. Follow me.

I'm a twitter and I'm tweeting regularly

Million thanks to Noneck for his twitter. After I saw that, it heavily inspired me like an EMP. Actually, it's such a simple social network nowaday. I don't see any special features but it simply works! Twitter, in fact, only has one and simple concept to share what you are doing publicly on this world wide community. Everyone following you will be notified when you update your status. Anyway, the hidden magic is the way of implementations; How to update? and How to notify?