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Noel, you're always welcome

Last few days ago, Noel Noneck visited Thailand and also stayed at my little home. We all in Thailand are very happy to talk with you especially, Drupal Thailand, Ubuntu Club, duocore, zickr and John Berns from You're the first guy I have ever seen who ate Lab, Lab Tod and Nam Tok without any water drop.

What do Drupallers look like?

Every communities have their own culture, perspective and skills so what's about Drupal? Dries also asked this question to more than 1,000 Drupal users what they are and what they want. And now the result is here.

How to recover DPI in Gnome and Ubuntu Gutsy

Everytime I boot up my laptop with Ubuntu Gutsy Gibbon, it just like a bet, fail safe or not? Since I am using fglrx and I also installed it through module-assistant, I have to manage it myself to rebuild after updating kernel. However, last week I saw something more terrible. In fact, it is the most terrible since I used Ubuntu for 2 years. I was unable to see any characters in Gnome terminal. I guessed the problem should be DPI so I tried to change setting. Unfortunately, all Gnome dialog seemed to be broken. They were so long about 10 times of my screen.

How to setup OSD for ThinkPad on Ubuntu Gutsy

Today I notice some strange behavior of my laptop since all hotkeys did not show on-screen display anymore. All buttons still work as expect but Gnome don't get notification so mute/unmute will not effect the icon in notification area. It seems to just happer after upgrading kernel to 2.6.22-11. Well, I have found workaround.

How to massively query NS record in batch mode

My friend asked me to verify suspension of web hosting services which the domain name server has been changed to other hosting service. He just has a long file with a domain per line. The trick is to query NS record of each given domain to see whether it is his name server or not. It is very easy to do so for a domain but it is not funny for thousand domains.

Goodbye Siemens CX65, Welcome Sony Ericsson W810i

I have been used Siemens CX65 since 3 years ago. The last mention is about accessing to the inside data on Ubuntu Edgy. Anyway, it has served me so well but it also turns out that its joystick has gone due to unknown exact reason. In addition, it sometimes shutdown itself without any notification. As a result, I missed so many calls. That's why I have to find a new mobile phone. Today is the day. I bought a Sony Ericsson W810i.